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Publicado el 06/05/2019

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, April 30th to Monday, May 06th, 2019


The Ministry of Energy and Mines is evaluating a possible tender for unconventional energy plants for Loreto, in order to improve the quality of the electricity supply.

Also, it was indicated that it is ruled out that there will be a new tender for electricity supply with non-conventional energy plants for the rest of the country (Diario Gestión).


  • In the last Update Report on Macroeconomic Projections presented by the MEF, the Majes Siguas II Project does not stand out. However, the Minister of Agriculture indicates that this project is part of the 16 flagship projects (Diario Gestión).

  • The association agreement between Volcan Mining Company and the Chinese company Cosco Shipping Ports Limited is near to be finalized for the construction of the port of Chancay. Once defined, the Chinese firm will acquire the 60% of the shares of Terminales Portuario Chancay (Diario Gestión).


  • Although the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) trusts that, in this year, Southern Peru can carry out the Tía María Project, the MEM Minister indicated that this does not mean that the works can begin this year, because it requires a greater social consensus to carry them out finished (Diario Gestión).

  • According to Perúpetro, investment in hydrocarbons was reduced in the first two months of this year (Diario Gestión).


  • Perúpetro informed that the agreement between Tullow Peru Limited and the Peruvian State for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in lot Z-64, located in front of the coast of Tumbes, will have as a consequence that this region will receive investments of US $ 50 million in the next two years (Diario Gestión).

  • US$ 500 million will be tendered over the next two years in transmission line projects (Diario Gestión).

  • Clean Energy del Perú obtained the concession of the Natural Gas Distribution System for the Duct Network in Tumbes. It should be noted that the oil group is planning to resume drilling in Tumbes in order to find resources, with an estimated investment of US$ 20 million (Diario Gestión).


  • After the resolution of the concession agreement for the construction of Chincheros international airport, the Government indicated that the Project would be executed as public works. In this sense, the Ministry of Transport and Communications indicated that the Project will not have a new engineering, neither will the airport location already determined be modified in the pre-investment study (Diario Gestión).

  • The mining company Southern Copper projects that the expansion of the Toquepala copper mine plant, which required US$ 1,300 million, will operate at 100% capacity in the month of May (Diario Gestión).

  • The company Monte Azul presented a proposal for the development of a logistic transport terminal for hydrocarbons in the south of Lima, which will have an investment commitment of US$ 90 million (Diario Gestión).

  • Petroperú requested that the assets of Lot 192 be transferred free of charge, so that they can exploit said lot since September of this year (Diario Gestión).

  • The Fypasa Contrucciones S.A. of C.V. and Operadora de Ecosistemas S.A. of C.V. (composed by companies from Peru and Mexico) was awarded the good for the concession of the Wastewater Treatment System project of the Lake Titicaca, by proposing the less contribution by the State in this co-financed private initiative (Diario Gestión).



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