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National and International Arbitration

In the local market it has become common that large companies and corporations resort to Arbitration to solve their commercial differences. In response to this, our firm has a team of lawyers experienced in the conduct of arbitration, providing the necessary support to its clients for making accurate and efficient decisions about the dispute, without affecting its operations or its business scheme. This experience is what has allowed our Firm to integrate teams with foreign firms to exercise joint defense of clients in international arbitrations.

Rubio Leguia Normand´s "quality practice is highly active in infrastructure, mining, civil liability and torts disputes, and has experience in both judicial and arbitration proceedings"

Legal 500 - 2017

What do we do?

We provide sponsorship to our clients from the beginning of the dispute until its conclusion, designing for each client an individualized defense strategy, considering not only the legal aspects, but also the technical and economic issues that have generated the dispute. Due to the numerous arbitrations in which we have participated, as well as the diversity and complexity of matters in which we provide advice, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide the proper defense of the commercial interests of our clients.

How do we do it?

We carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the dispute, contemplating our client’s position with regard to the contract, the applicable regulatory framework and the facts that gave rise to the conflict, including in our examination the probabilities of success of the claims that will be discussed in the arbitration. In addition, our work as lawyers includes the elaboration of joint strategies with the commercial and executive areas of our clients, in order to know all the plans where the dispute had repercussions and to adopt defense actions that can be proven and sustained before the arbitrators.



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