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Patrimonial an Non – Patrimonial Civil Law

The Civil Law is a branch of the Law, of a private nature, which regulates relations between individuals, the civil status of persons, property and other property rights, obligations and contracts, family relationships and inheritance, among others aspects related to civic life, hence its civil character.

The client service provided is high quality and we are very satisfied with the firm. The lawyers at Rubio Leguia Normand are very dedicated and pay close attention to detail. They make the effort to learn all technical aspects"

Chambers & Partners Latin America 2017

What do we do?

We advise our clients in the negotiation and preparation of all types of civil contracts, such as sale, leasing, service agreements, extrajudicial transactions, and any other civil contract. We design efficient and solid contract structures favourable to the interests of our clients. Likewise, we provide advice on Contractual and Non-Contractual Responsibility. Regarding Non-Patrimonial Civil Law, we have extensive experience in the acquittal of inquiries relating to inheritance and family law.

How do we do it?

We design the contractual structure best suited to the interests of our client, taking into account the applicable regulatory framework and the agreements reached by the parties, anticipating all possible scenarios that ensure the position of our client, avoiding any type of legal contingency. From the point of view of liability, contractual and extra-contractual, we focus on minimizing any risk to our client, with a comprehensive review of the obligations assumed in the Contracts or the past events.


Our work as expert lawyers in matters of inheritance and family law, allows us to have empathy with any situation faced by our client, helping him to resolve in the best way his legal concerns.



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