Practice Area

Natural Resources: Energy and Hydrocarbons

We accompany our clients in the development of their projects on the basis of a comprehensive service that goes from the identification of investment opportunities for potential investors in the energy sector, the preparation of market studies, commercial and regulatory advice on the acquisition of companies of the energy sector, to the identification and support in obtaining the appropriate title to achieve the projects’ operation.

What do we do?

We provide investors and agents with legal and regulatory advice on the performance of their obligations, answer to queries, participation in biddings and auctions, as well as on the identification of legal strategy for the resolution of disputes between the different players of the electricity market and procedures before COES, Ministry of Energy and Mines, OSINERGMIN and, in general, all kind of complaints or procedures related to the energy market activities.


We advise companies from other industries that require energy for the development of their activities and are interested in developing electricity projects with conventional or non-conventional technologies, in negotiating electricity power purchase contracts or in resolving disputes with agents from the energy sector.


How do we do it?

Our team has both the qualification and expertise required to provide our clients meaningful advice in order to carry out their activities in the electricity, gas and oil sectors.



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