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Project Finance

We provide commercial banks, investment banks, multilateral institutions, investment funds, developers, concessionaires, sponsors and even the Gubernamental agencies, with legal advice on the financing and the development of all kinds of projects.”

Experienced projects practice group especially active advising on infrastructure project development, including assistance with unsolicited proposals. Expertise covers a wide range of sectors such as the energy, healthcare and transportation sectors. A client highlights that the service is "quick, timely and accurate," further noting: "They are proactive; they don't just wait for us to come to them, if they see an opportunity they contact us."

Chambers and Partners Latin America 2019

What do we do?

The extensive experience of our team in public services, privatizations and public-private partnerships, as well as in the financing of mining, energy, health, roads, sanitation, water treatment and infrastructure projects in general, has allowed us to position ourselves as unquestionable market leaders in this field .


Our experience as one of the main law firm involved in the financing of projects with complex structures linked to certificates of payment for progress of works ( CRPAOs , RPICAOs and CR-RPIs ), has made us pioneers in complex and cross-border financing using these methods of payment.

How do we do it?

Our professional team has acquired know-how and extensive experience as a result of its participation in outstanding transactions that have redefined a new era for the infrastructure sector in the country. We are prepared to provide advice on all legal aspects of any project and, at the same time, offer our clients a complete view of the transaction, including aspects of tax, labor, administrative, compliance , etc. Strong and energetic leadership, together with rapid and accelerated growth, makes us a recurring player in the market. We believe that the client-lawyer relationship is the key to success in maintaining an expanding market.



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