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The economic regime contained in the Political Constitution of Peru is framed within a social market economy. In this context, it is natural that concurrent damages are generated, which are not illegal, provided they occur within a framework of freedom and loyalty. In that sense, we advise our clients so that their participation in the market as competing agents in framed within such context.

What do we do?

Our services cover both unfair competition and free competition, matters.


We carry out preventive advice that includes the development of due diligence,  trainings, guides and implementation of compliance programs adjusted to the industry and needs of our clients, by means of which we avoid the occurrence of acts that threaten competition and serve as a mitigating in case of eventual sanctioning procedures.


We also accompany them in contingent situations through our consulting and the handling of contentious procedures, such as cessation commitments and clemency programs.


We also work hand in hand with business control operations.

How do we do it?

Our service is distinguished not only by providing restorative advice against breaches of regulations but also by having a preventive approach, consistent with the needs of each of our clients.



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