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Capital Markets

The Capital Market practice area of the Law Firm involves all types of transactions in both the primary and secondary markets, with a practical and global approach. Our Firm advises both local as well as international companies with interests in the Peruvian capital market, as well as investors and entities looking to structure and offer new products or financial assets.

What do we do?

Our services include comprehensive advice on the stock market, such as: (i) structuring of public / private offers of transferable securities: bonds, commercial papers, shares, structured assets (ii) securitization of assets, (iii) advice on the design and implementation of takeover strategies, (iv) public offerings of acquisition, sale, purchase and exchange of securities, (v) structuring and constitution of mutual funds and investment funds, (vi) listing and delisting of transferable securities , (vii) constitution of regulated entities, and; (viii) defense of the entities and companies supervised in sanctioning administrative procedures before the Superintendence of Stock Market.


Likewise, we advise on matters related to the secondary market such as privileged information, price manipulation, negotiation of operations, compensation and liquidation of securities as well as permanent regulatory advice to companies with listed securities and to regulated entities that participate in the capital market.


Our participation in the international capital issues (IPOs) of Peruvian issuers, as well as our recurring advice on the most complex transactions in local and international capital markets, has allowed us to position ourselves as market leaders in the field.

How do we do it?

Our team has extensive experience from both the private and public sectors and is characterized by being especially qualified as a result of its excellent training and its continuous updating and active participation in the advances, challenges and regulatory policies in the development of capital markets.

Our services are distinguished by being personalized, providing innovative, comprehensive, tailor made and above all practical solutions.




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