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Works for Taxes

We advise public entities, construction companies and investors in all stages of any given project executed under the Works for Taxes mechanism.

"Excellent\u2019 Rubio Legu\u00eda Normand is a regular at the forefront of headline public service contracts and projects on behalf of some of the country\u2019s largest companies and public entities. It excels in all areas of administrative, regulatory and compliance across a range of sectors, including infrastructure, energy, sanitation, roads, railroads, education, health and irrigation, where it \u2018knows the subjects very well\u2019 and \u2018gives good advice."

Legal 500 - 2018

What do we do?

Our services include advising in the evaluation of the viability of a project under the mechanism of Works for Taxes, considering the needs of the beneficiary public entity and the available public budget.


Likewise, we provide support in the procedure during  the evaluation and awarding of the project, as well as in its contractual execution (between the public entity and the financier, and in the construction contracts entered into by and between the financiers and specialized companies).

How do we do it?

We design the best legal strategy to make it teasable for our clients’ social responsibility projects to be developed under the mechanism of Works for Taxes, since we have a team with vast legal expertise in the area and experience in the relationship with various entities of the public sector.



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