24 Oct 2019

Leaders League entrevista a nuestro socio Carlos Arata

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Interview with Carlos Arata, financial partner at Rubio Leguía Normand

Carlos Arata is a partner at Rubio Leguia Normand Peruvian law firm financial practice area. He shares with us his vision of the Peruvian market M&A opportunities and trends.


‘Agriculture, Mining and Infrastructure will be the most active sectors in the Peruvian M&A Market’


Leaders League: What is the current state of the business environment in Peru and what opportunities do you foresee in the coming years?


Carlos Arata: Despite the political uncertainty and corruption scandals, which also involve the majority of Latin America governments, Peru will continue to be one of the main investment destinations for M&A deals in Latin America. Local companies and economic groups will continue acquiring key target companies and assets and foreign investors, especially from the US, China, Canada, the UK, Spain, Brazil and the other member states from the Pacific Alliance.


For example, after the sale of Chaglla hydroelectric plant, Odebrecht and other companies involved in corruption scandals will carry on with their divestiture in the coming years. This will be an opportunity to dynamize the Peruvian M&A market and the infrastructure and construction sectors… LEER MAS

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