3 Aug 2020

PROJECTS: Weekly snapshot

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From Tuesday, July 28 to Monday, August 03, 2020


In August, works are awarded

On August 17 will be awarded the good pro for the improvement of the runway system and perimeter fence of the air facility of the airport Captain FAP Guillermo Concha Iberico in Piura.

The work at the airport will require an investment of over US$ 50 million.

The works include the rehabilitation of the pavements of the runway system (air side), of the integral drainage system, of the beacon lights, which provide visibility for the landing and take-off of the planes, as well as the construction of the final perimetric fence of the aerial installation.

The tendering procedure is carried out by the concessionaire of the air terminal, Aeropuertos del Perú (ADP).

MONDAY 03 / 08
  • By the first quarter of next year, Cofide expects to finalize the refinancing of one of its important loans, which could further adjust the financial institution’s equity commitment indicator, reveals the latest report from Moody’s Peru.
  • Fibra Prime, the Securitization Trust for Real Estate Rental Investment, acquired seven stores leased by Tiendas Mass with an investment of around US$ 3 million and a purchase option for an eighth store for US$ 320 thousand.

FRIDAY 31 / 07
  • On August 17 will be granted the good pro for the improvement of the runway system and perimeter fence of the aerial installation of the airport Captain FAP Guillermo Concha Iberico of Piura.

THURSDAY 30 / 07

  • With the completion of the third stage of Chavimochic in La Libertad and Majes – Siguas II in Arequipa, the country will have 100,000 new hectares of crops for agro-export, with diverse products such as blueberries, avocados, grapes and others.
  • Enel Generación Piura indicated that in relation to the transfer of ownership of the pipeline of about 16 km long, located in Talara, which serves to supply natural gas to the Talara refinery, the price paid by Gasnorp SAC to Enel Generación Piura SA, amounted to US$ 5’600.00 plus VAT.
  • Lines 3 and 4 of the Lima Metro, which have been projected since 2010, and which this government assumed with the offer to define the best way for their execution, will now be subject to further studies, but whose results will still be seen by the next government.
  • In addition to the approval of a new set of mining procedures recently announced by the Executive, the Ministry of Energy and Mines is preparing new modifications to the mining sector regulations

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