22 Sep 2020

PROJECTS: Weekly snapshot

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From Tuesday, September 15 to Monday, September 21, 2020


The intention is to grant the good pro of the southern gas pipeline before July 28

The government plans to convene and award the project of the Southern Zone Integrated Gas Transportation System (SIT-Gas) – formerly known as the Southern Gas Pipeline – before the end of its term, according to the Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons, Victor Murillo.

The official indicated that the Executive’s goal is that, before July 2021, the promotion process of SIT Gas will have been incorporated to ProInversion, which will be in charge of the bidding, so that before the 28th of that month, the good pro could have been granted, depending on the interest that the project awakens.

On the other hand, the vice-minister did not rule out that the project, for its development, will use the guaranteed income mechanism, which allows the remuneration of the service costs to the investor. He explained that, for the amount of investment foreseen for the SIT-Gas, which is estimated at US$ 4,500 million, and the time when the gas would be available, it is estimated that the requirement, in any case, would be minimal.

MONDAY 21 / 09
  • The Government plans to convene and award the project of the Southern Zone Integrated Gas Transportation System (SIT-Gas) – formerly known as the Southern Gas Pipeline -, before the end of its term, according to Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons, Victor Murillo.

FRIDAY 18 / 09
  • Cofide announced a US$ 500 million bond issue operation in the international markets. The placement of the securities, maturing in seven years, is part of the Corporation’s liability management and international bond refinancing strategy.
  • The 32 public transportation infrastructure concessions supervised by Ositran have accumulated investment commitments of more than US$ 16 billion. So far, however, just over $9 billion of these commitments have been executed. In other words, the concessions have yet to be executed for another nearly US$ 7 billion.

THURSDAY 17 / 09

  • Quavii will install two LNG stations in mid 2021 in the northern concession and then in Piura. Gascop’s purchase will allow it to reach areas outside its concession with CNG.
  • Core Capital announced that the investment committee of the Praedium Fund – Investment Fund, agreed to approve a capital increase of the fund, which has a term of 42 months, which may be renewable. The amount will be US$ 2 million for a maximum of 1’997,686 representative participation quotas.
  • Ferreyros put into operation a photovoltaic plant in the Agromin La Bonita mine, in Acari (Arequipa).


  • Grupo Pentac, a retailer of hydrocarbons in the Peruvian Amazon and owner of Petrogas, closed a strategic alliance with fuel wholesaler Numay, for the development of two investment projects that are underway.

TUESDAY 15 / 09

  • The Minister of Agriculture, Jorge Montenegro, announced that his sector will present a new proposal for an agreement that will allow the Majes-Siguas II project, which today is administered by the Arequipa Regional Government, to be transferred to that ministry.

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