6 Oct 2020

PROJECTS: Weekly snapshot

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From Tuesday, September 29 to Monday, October 05, 2020


PetroTal restarts operations in Brittany field of lot 95

PetroTal announced the resumption of its oil production operations in the Bretaña field of lot 95, district of Puinahua, department of Loreto. This was possible after the agreement between the representatives of the central government through the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the Regional Government of Loreto, local authorities and native organizations of the region, to lift the measure of force that was held for more than five weeks in Bretaña.

The field’s average production of 11,500 barrels per day is aimed at reaching 20,000 barrels per day by 2021.

MONDAY 05 / 10
  • The board of directors of Caja Arequipa, would have approved the project to strengthen capital with the entry of Rabobank, with the acquisition of 7.5% of shares, which means an injection of S / 94.5 million.
  • The IRL mining company and Cofide agreed to an additional 30-day period to reach an agreement on the financing of the Ollaechea gold mine.
  • The firm Credicorp Capital Servicios Financieros, through Credicorp Capital Fondo de Inversión Inmobiliario Perú, bought the shares of three Peruvian real estate companies that own an industrial park of about 40,000 square meters, located in the district of Lurín.

FRIDAY 02 / 10
  • Inversiones Centenario announced that the new simple corporate reorganization came into effect yesterday. Thus, Inversiones Centenario transferred to Centenario Desarrollo Urbano S.A.C. a block of assets and liabilities.


  • Graña y Montero will propose to sell up to US$ 350 million in corporate bonds under an alternative financing plan that the board of directors will present to the shareholders meeting on November 2.
  • Banco Pichincha is committed to operating in Peru and agreed to a capital increase of up to S/. 142 million in cash contributions.
  • PetroTal announced the restart of its oil production operations in the Bretaña field of lot 95, district of Puinahua, department of Loreto.

TUESDAY 29 / 09

  • DP World Callao presented to the National Port Authority the technical files for the expansion of the South Pier of the Port of Callao. The technical file includes an initial investment of about US$ 101 million for the extension of the current pier.

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