11 Nov 2019

Projects – Weekly snapshot

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From Tuesday, November 5 to Monday, November 11, 2019




The American Newmont Goldcorp said that by 2020 it is expected to increase the production of Yanacocha mine with the works and facilities arranged in the Quecher Main gold project in Cajamarca. Yanacocha has had stable production during this year, although a decrease in obtaining ounces of gold from its existing leaching pools. The Quecher Main project, which includes a future leaching pool, expects to end with a disbursement of US $ 275 million of development capital, which is below the initial estimate of the company (Diario Gestión).


  • Hidroeléctricas Lima will invest US $ 384 million in two plants. The hydroelectric generation company Hidroeléctricas Lima SAC obtained the approval of Senace to invest US $ 384.2 million in the future construction of two hydroelectric plants in the department of Huánuco (Diario Gestión).
  • The Alto Piura special irrigation and hydropower project could resume in the second half of next year (Diario Gestión).
  • The US Seaboard Corp. took control of the grain industry ContiLatin del Perú, a company that has plants and warehouses in Lurín and Trujillo, where it processes grain and food supplies for animals. Transaction amounts were not disclosed (Diario Gestion).
  • Canadian Bear Creek Mining updated data on its Corani silver mining project in Puno. A company report indicates that it will increase the processing of daily ore in the operation from 22,500 to 27,000 metric tons (Diario Gestion).
  • Enel Green Power Perú S.A. presented a notice of concession request to the Ministry of Energy and Mines for the future development of a wind generation project called Taita, which is expected to be established in Piura (Diario Gestion).
  • The Graña y Montero Group calculations conclude the sale of the Adexus technology and services company after the second quarter of 2020 (Diario Gestion).
  • Compañía Minera Cuzcatlán, a subsidiary of Fortuna Silver Mines, studies investing in other countries in the region. Today with a presence in Mexico – with the San José del Progreso mining unit – and three plants in this country, it is seeing new options, including Peru (Diario Gestion).
  • The American Newmont Goldcorp said that by 2020 it is expected to increase the production of Yanacocha mine with the works and facilities arranged in the Quecher Main gold project in Cajamarca (Diario Gestion).
  • The rehabilitation of Pier 7, which receives and distributes oil, LPG and chemical products, has a 90% progress and will be ready at the end of the year (Diario Gestion).
  • The Spanish processing and fishing company Marfrio plans to diversify its business line by adding facilities in Peru. Thus, it is building a second plant, where it will process giant squid, said its general manager, Santiago Montejo (Diario Gestion).
  • The air giant IAG, owner of Iberia, announced the purchase of AirEuropa for US $ 1,120 million (Diario Gestion).
  • Credicorp, after obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals, completed the purchase of 100% of the share capital of Ultraserfinco S.A. Stock Broker, for about US$ 41 million (Diario Gestion).
  • Nine companies between national and international, including three infrastructure investment funds, are interested in participating in the public tender for the concession of the so-called “Tren Macho“, which will have an investment of US$ 70 million. The rehabilitation of this railway linking Huancayo-Huancavelica will facilitate the transfer of more than 250 people per trip, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications reported (Diario Gestion).



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