27 Jan 2020

Projects – Weekly snapshot

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From Thursday, January 21 to Monday, January 27, 2020




Government plans to award 13 projects via APP for US$ 2,344 million by 2021


The executive director of the Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment (ProInversión), Rafael Ugaz, presented the new portfolio of projects that are planned to be awarded in the next 18 months and recognized the need to give new impetus to the public-private partnership scheme (APP), because they have lost credibility in the public and private sectors, as well as in the population


To achieve the recovery of this credibility in the scheme, ProInversión renewed its investment portfolio by 2021 and now has 23 projects for US$ 5,351 million. Of these, 13 projects are those that are planned to be awarded until next year for an amount of US$ 2,344 million. The other US$ 3,006 million will be declarations of interest of 10 private initiatives (Diario Gestion).

  • The mining company Freeport-McMo-Ran said that in the Cerro Verde copper operation measures are being taken to increase the level of ore processing at its plant in Arequipa (Diario Gestion).
  • The Patio Group, owner of the Plaza del Sol and Plaza de la Luna malls in the country, gave the green light to an injection of capital for US$ 100 million, which will be destined to strengthen their businesses inside and outside Chile (Diario Gestion).
  • Telefónica would have put on sale its global subsidiary specialized in offering comprehensive online learning solutions for education and training, Telefónica Educación Digital (TED) (Diario Gestion).
  • The National Port Authority, Ositran and the concessionaire Terminal Portuario Paracas, operator of the General San Martín port terminal (Pisco), signed the act of receiving works corresponding to stage 1 of the modernization project of this port terminal in Ica (Diario Gestion).
  • PetroTal announced that its budget for 2020 amounts to US$ 99 million. The company estimates a production of 20,000 barrels of oil per day in the Brittany oil field (lot 95, in Loreto) by the end of the year. In the first half of 2020, it will drill a new oil production well. And in the second half, three new horizontal wells. They expect the average production to increase to 16,500 bpd (Diario Gestion).
  • The gas pipeline project to the south, now known as SITGAS, has no start date. The bidding was expected to take place in the first half of 2021 (Diario Gestion).
  • Canadian explorer Auryn Resources Inc made a private placement of 10 million Canadian dollars to be issued to accredited investors in Canada and other markets. The net proceeds from the placement would be used to finance the surface exploration of its Sombrero (Ayacucho) gold and copper and Curibaya (Tacna) gold and copper projects in Peru (Diario Gestion).
  • The Iberostar Group of Spain prepares to enter to compete in the Peruvian hotel market (Diario Gestion).
  • BISA, a company specialized in engineering services and project studies, contemplates for this year a greater participation in the development of copper mining projects, as well as in the expansion of infrastructure related to the mining sector (Diario Gestion).
  • The executive director of the Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment (ProInversión), Rafael Ugaz, presented the new portfolio of projects that are planned to be awarded in the next 18 months (Diario Gestion).
  • Camposol has coordinated meetings with investors to present a sale of bonds for up to US$ 350 million, seeking to raise money to pay off debt, according to a source from the agreement to the LatinFinance portal. Camposol has hired the Bank of America, Santander, Scotiabank, UBS and BBVA to schedule meetings and manage the transaction. This tour of meetings will be held until January 27 in Santiago, Lima, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, London, Zurich and Geneva (Diario Gestion).



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