15 Oct 2019

Projects – Weekly snapshot

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From Tuesday, October 1 to Monday, October 14, 2019




Works for the new port of Chancay will begin in June 2020. The port operator, Cosco Shipping Ports Chancay Peru, expects activities to develop in the next 45 months in order to continue the development, construction and implementation of the Chancay port project, located 60 km away from the port of Callao. From this month until March 2020 engineering works will be carried out. Cosco estimates that by that date the obtaining of licenses and permits will have culminated. The tenders for the construction of the port are expected between March and June 2020. The first stage of the port is projected to cost US $ 1.3 billion (Diario Gestión).


  • Jinzhao Mining will begin first works of the Pampa del Pongo project in Arequipa. Starting this week, the Jinzhao Mining mining company will begin early works on the Pampa del Pongo iron project, which includes the construction of accesses and mining camps (Diario Gestión).
  • HMC Capital aims to raise US $ 100 million for a new private debt fund focused on Peru, Colombia and Chile. It seeks to expand its reach to a greater number of firms that require capital (Diario Gestión).
  • Extended contract in Lote 192. The Canadian Border Energy reported that the service contract that has been operating in lote 192 (Loreto) was extended, with prospects for the contract to end until March 2020. Previously the contract had been extended until January 2020 (Diario Gestión).
  • Works for the new port of Chancay began in June 2020. The port operator Cosco Shipping Ports Chancay Peru expects activities in the next 45 months that point to the development, construction and implementation of the Chancay port project, located 60 km away from the port of Callao (Diario Gestión).
  • The Government of Martín Vizcarra, presented as one of its main economic policy axes the National Infrastructure Plan, which consists of 52 projects for about S / 100,000 million to be implemented in the next five years (Diario Gestión).
  • Hochschild Mining acquired a deposit of tonic clay from BioLantanidos in Chile. The acquisition is for 93.8% of the BioLantanidos deposit, worth US$ 56.3 million.
  • The concessionaire of Line 2 of the Lima Metro signed a two-year renewable credit line for US$ 150 million to help finance the construction of the second line of the public transportation system.
  • The company Salaverry Terminal Internacional S.A. (STI) concluded with dredging works in the access to the port of Salaverry, and this month it plans to start the rest of phases 1 and 2 for the modernization of that terminal, which will require an investment of US$ 250 million.
  • Consorcio Minero ATE S.A.C. acquired the mining right Cautivito VI, of an area of ​​1,000 hectares, located in the district of Suyo, province of Ayabaca, Piura (Diario Gestion).
  • The Australian mining company Strike Resources expects that by 2020 the consultancy work for the study of the railroad that would concentrate the section of the iron deposits in Andahuaylas (Apurimac) to the Peruvian coast will be completed (Diario Gestion).
  • San Miguel Industrias PET would have acquired the assets of Ecuadorian Plastics, a company that is part of the holding company Tonicorp, majority-owned by Arca.
  • Sempra Energy announced the sale of the shares of the distributor Luz del Sur, which has a direct and indirect way, to the company China Yangtze Power for a value of US$ 3,590 million (Diario Gestion).
  • Grupo Patio will invest US$ 20 million in a remodeling and expansion plan in its four malls in Peru, which will be executed starting next year (Diario Gestion).
  • The WeWork parent company, The We Company, said it will submit a request to securities regulators to withdraw its initial public offering of shares (IPO), one week after the startup of community offices reported the exit of its Executive President Adam Neumann, Reuters reported (Diario Gestion).



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